Monday, July 02, 2007

canteen day 07

bah. it's over finally! ahhh. what a relief. and yes, finally we get to say 'buhbye' to CANTEEN DAY! no more canteen day for us. if yes also, we'll be coming back as visitors only, not kuli. hahahh. to younger Convent-ians, i understand how it feels to be a kuli on canteen day. i've experienced it for well, 4 years! haha.

well, canteen was ok. minus those stupid muthus lah. isshh. the crowd was ok. like every year like that lah. i spent my coupons like drinking water only. you know.. water is free. so drinking water is free. so spending coupons like drinking water means you know what i mean lah. but, i memang didn't buy any coupons. all are sponsored by my family and my fellow friends. haha. by the way, i had 12 books of coupons to spend yesterday. that means i have RM 60 to spend. haha. if only that RM 60 of coupon is in money form.. woah.... *in LaLa land thinking about shopping* and because of that 12 books of coupon, i became fatter. i ate like it's nobody's business during canteen day.

and of course. i was bored during canteen day. so i went spying for couples and lesbians who berpancaran-ed in our school compound lah. hahaha. yes lah. i know i very mou liew.. but i can't help it alrite. i just happened to pass by them. and of course i took a picture of *Hsiu Fung i know you know who am i talking about*.. Hsiu Fung understand can already lah. haha.

here's a picture of an unknown couple berdating dating di sebuah pondok.
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i know it's blur. but who cares. haha.

sigh. now i'm as red as a lobster. and i'm charcoal-er than before. thanks to the beautiful weather yesterday lah. till then.

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