Saturday, December 02, 2006

jic choir and christmas nite is the gift !!!11

JIC (Jalan Imbi Chapel) Choir will be coming to my church (Klang Jaya Gospel Hall) on 2/12/06.. so, do come yeah? it will start around 7.30pm....


ps - Andrian's hp no is 017-6185411 not 017-618541. i made a typo.. paiseh.. XD
btw, pls click to enlarge it..!

on 3rd Dec, TS (Teen Scene) will be having a special meeting for Christmas.. i know it's a bit too early, but good mar.. can get gifts EARLIER than everyone! haha.. ok, there will be a gift exchange, so bring a gift lah, k.. the gift hor, make sure don't less than RM 5 lo. later you buy ciplak things, ppl buy you nice nice things, then you smile/laugh, they cry/wuwuwuwu o.. so not good.. hehehe..

okie then.. cya guys there! ^^


Jason said...

u post this abit late right? -_-

JoZilla said...

er... not really... at least i still got post wad..... they still can come marrr..