Monday, December 18, 2006

i'm back!

ok, overall the trip was ok. sometimes quite boring, sometimes quite fun. Disneyland is so small. Genting is so much bigger than Disneyland. and all the rides in Disneyland are meant for little kids, for example, ME. the day we reached Hong Kong, we were transferred to Shenzhen, China. the place was oklah. nice scenery.

i found this thingy in the HK airport. so cute~~...

the HK airport. i think it looks better than KLIA.

i'll post the rest later.. the internet connection is so sucky. cant even upload pictures. hmmp.

the Penang Bridge look alike..

the California Bridge look alike..

the mini blue toy-ish bridge in Shenzhen..

the buildings in Shenzhen..

the umbrella holder.. haha..


mommy and i.. and santa of course..

okla.. that's all for today.. lazy to upload already.. chaoz..

suasana malam yang meriah di Shenzhen..

this toilet bowl squatter is so cute. u need to step on it to flush it.. i fell in love with it..

that's me with a tall flower-ish christmas tree..

Eiffel Tower in Window of the World, Shenzhen..

My mom and I at the entrance of the Window of the World..

birds flying in the sky..

ok, time to say goodbye..

the mini Leaning Tower of Pisa and JoJo.

mommy and I and the windmills.

the pigeons love me..
the dance performance in the cultural village. i curi-curi took this picture. haha.


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