Sunday, August 20, 2006

lameness strikes gm

ok.. you see.. i was mapling as usual today.. oh gosh.. i tell u.. lameness stroke the gm..
he's so super childish.. n lame of course..
look at this.. "bla bla has been banned 60 days for trying to be a god.."
there was another one.. "bla bla bla has been banned 60 days for flying without wings"
one word.. the gm is lacking of attention from all maplers.. so.. go entertain him pls..

haha... i wonder what he'll do tomorrow.. o.O


hoopjunkie said...

Heh... I once had a friend who was banned by a GM cos he was suspected of scamming. He was only "released" after the victim of the scam had clarified to the GM that my friend is innocent... Lameness to the highest...

JoZilla said...

lol.. liddat aso can.. haha..