Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Be That Girl !!

hey.. those who missed it, sorry lar.. come back next year.. ahah.. well, be that girl was awesome.. the speaker, Jade Lewis was great.. her testimonies were a blessing for all of us.. she shared about her life when she was a drug addict and how she came to know the Lord.. the conference lasted for 2 days.. the first day was the bazaar and the nite rally.. it's was soo cool.. especially the girl band and not forgetting us, the girl usherers.. ahaha.. we did a great job, k.. ahaha.. i missed the "wel..come.. to.. BE THAT GIRL" cheer/greeting/or whtever u call it.. haha.. Juwita Suwito was there too.. haha.. then i stayed over Alison's house.. it was fun.. haha.. we slept at 1 something cuz we cant sleep.. me n zuwern counted sheeps but tak jadi.. cuz our stomachs were growling.. ahah.. then me n zuwern keep on disturbing the rest especially moron.. ahah.. she's afraid of me.. XD ahaha.. then we woke up around 6 something.. haha.. the second day wasnt that bad either.. it's was soo cool.. the sessions by Jade was awesome.. and once again, the praise n worship was awesome too.. then the elective session was a bit boring cause the lady spoke in Mandarin.. and of course, i only understand a little bit.. ahaha.. after all the elective, us, the usherers were called to stay back to rearrange the chairs.. haha.. i did arranged a FEW chairs.. ahah.. at least i arranged.. ahaha.. then we lepak in Jusco.. and as usual, that stupid PizzaHut didnt serve us again.. so we left the place, and went to McD.. after eating, we lepak-ed for a little longer before heading back to KEC.. the fashion show? it was awesome.. so cool.. so many people turned up for the fashion show.. not gonna write anymore.. enjoy the pics.. haha..

Juwita Suwito!

Jade Lewis!

Clockwise: Sue Ying, Zu Wern, Jade Lewis, Me, Moron and Alison..

Clockwise: Me, Juwita Suwito, Sue Ying, Zu Wern, Alison n Moron..

Me and Moron..

Me and Zu Wern posing in Alison's room.. haha..

camwhoring during the elective session.. ahaha..

Zu Wern, Alison and I in JJ.. ahah..

Mellissa, me, Kah Ling n moron.. "T-shirts for SALE!!"

opening ceremony..

ballet performance by er.. i forgotten her name.. hehe..

Seow Chin posing.. hehe..

Tzi-Li and Yee Chin..

the guys.. Melvin and Julian..

Clockwise: Fang Yi, Grace, Zu Wern, Sue Ying, Alison, Moron and ME!

the USHERERS!! we RAWK!! ahah..

*shouting* Wel..Come.. To.. BE THAT GIRL!!! woohoo!!

that's all for now.. will be back soon.. till then.. jozilla signing off.. RAWR!

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